Equipment Examples

New Mathis, Tx - BOSS Crane Equipment

BOSS Crane & Rigging offers a new fleet of high-end crane and rigging equipment. With an average age of less than two years, our 8-ton to 900-ton cranes perform state-of-the-art configurations while reducing your costs associated with breakdowns due to mechanical failures, long assembly and disassembly times and damage to equipment caused by dust and sitting under the hot sun for long periods of time.

Linkbelt HTC-86100 – 100 Tons

Brand: Linkbelt Model: HTC-86100 Lifting Capacity: 100 tons Main Boom: 140′ Jib: 58′ Counterweight: 32,500 lbs Class: Hydraulic Truck Crane The Linkbelt HTC-86100 cranes offer great support for any job site.  These cranes can be used for rig moves, gas plant work or even logging. The 100-ton lift capacity, 140’ main boom and 58’ jib provide versatility for these mobile cranes while… Read More

Manitowoc 8500 – 85 Tons

Brand: Manitowoc Model: 8500 Lifting Capacity: 85 tons Main Boom: 200′ Jib: 60′ Counterweight: 71,914 lbs Class: Crawler Crane Crawler cranes such as the Manitowoc 8500 move easily over job sites with rough terrain, swiftly completing heavy lift jobs. The Manitowoc 8500 cranes have a lifting capacity of 85 tons, which makes moving equipment for wind farms for maintenance or materials around… Read More

Kobelco CK1100 – 110 Tons

Brand: Kobelco Model: CK1100 Lifting Capacity: 110 tons Main Boom: 200′ Jib: 60′ Counterweight: 100,800 lbs Class: Crawler Crane Looking for cranes with a lift capacity of over 100 tons?  These Kobelcos have a capacity of 110 tons with a 200’ boom and a 60’ jib. Crawler cranes are ideal for doing the heavy lifting at paper mills or even construction sites… Read More

Kobelco CK1000 – 100 Tons

Brand: Kobelco Model: CK1000 Lifting Capacity: 100 tons Main Boom: 200′ Jib: 60′ Counterweight: 71,540 lbs Class: Crawler Crane The Kobelco CK1000 crawler cranes have a capacity of 100 tons with a 60’ jib and a 200’ boom. These cranes are efficient for many different kinds of jobs, such as an oil and gas refinery or even other construction projects. The high… Read More

Tadano ATF130G-5 – 165 Tons

Brand: Tadano Model: ATF130G-5 Lifting Capacity: 165 tons Main Boom: 196.8′ Jib: 105′ Counterweight: 93,255 lbs Class: All Terrain Crane Whether you are working with coil tubing, wireline, logging or wind energy, the Tadano ATF130G-5 cranes have the lift capacity (165 tons), boom (196.8’) and jib (105’) to get the job done. As an All Terrain crane, it can go… Read More

Grove GMK 5130-2 – 165 Tons

Brand: Grove Model: GMK 5130-2 Lifting Capacity: 165 tons Main Boom: 196.9′ Jib: 104′ Counterweight: 88,400 lbs Class: All Terrain Crane The Grove GMK 5130-2 cranes are hard at work at BOSS working draglines, rigging and hoisting A/C units where they need to go. With a lifting capacity of 165 tons, these All Terrain cranes work many job sites around the central… Read More

Demag AC500/2 – 625 Tons

Brand: Demag Model: AC500/2 Lifting Capacity: 625 tons Main Boom: 183.7′ Jib: 294.6′ Counterweight: 396,800 lbs Class: All Terrain Crane If your job site calls for some really heavy lifting, BOSS has got you covered with our Demag AC500/2 cranes coming in with a lifting capacity of 625 tons. Draglines, drilling rigs and power plants are all great places to… Read More

Manitowoc M16000 – 440 Ton

Brand: Manitowoc Model: M16000 Lifting Capacity: 440 tons Main Boom: 315′ Jib: 138′ Counterweight: 452,000 lbs Class: Crawler Crane With a 440-ton lift capacity, 315’ main boom and 138’ jib, the Manitowoc crawler cranes provide the muscle to do the heavy lifting for job sites such as wind construction, chemical plants or even a drilling rig. The tall main boom is perfect… Read More

Broderson IC-80 Carry Deck – 8.5 Tons

Brand: Broderson Model: IC-80 Lifting Capacity: 8.5 tons Main Boom: 28′ Jib: 10′ Class: Carry Deck With a lift capacity of 8.5 tons, the Broderson IC-80 carry deck crane class has a wide variety of capabilities. These types of cranes can be used as a cherry picker or general plant work. Getting in and out of tight spaces is… Read More

Liebherr LTM 1220/5.2 – 265 Tons

Brand: Liebherr Model: LTM 1220/5.2 Lifting Capacity: 265 tons Main Boom: 197′ Jib: 118′ Counterweight: 163,100 lbs Class: All Terrain Crane With a trusted name in the industry, these Liebherr LTM 1220/5.2 cranes have a lift capacity of 265 tons.  The main boom (197’) and jib (118’) provide the leverage and our professional operators provide the skills to work with coolers,… Read More