BOSS Crane & Rigging offers a new fleet of high-end crane and rigging equipment. With an average age of less than two years, our 8-ton to 900-ton cranes perform state-of-the-art configurations while reducing your costs associated with breakdowns due to mechanical failures, long assembly and disassembly times and damage to equipment caused by dust and sitting under the hot sun for long periods of time.


Our carry decks enable us to provide a range of services on site, including lifting and transporting equipment on large job sites. Our carry decks are especially useful with maintenance turnarounds at chemical plants and refineries, whether you need lifting services in tight spaces or equipment transported between various locations onsite.


For your more complex needs that require services in a hurry, we offer hydraulic truck cranes to eliminate the need for special equipment to transport a crane. Our hydraulic truck cranes are especially helpful with jobs where there is not room for loading and unloading a crane, such as installations and repairs of roads and bridges, or within tight spaces on large construction sites.


BOSS wants to be sure we can handle any job no matter how rough or challenging the terrain or how remote the location, even locations with no road access. Our all terrain cranes move efficiently over sand and gravel. They travel independently over asphalt roads and highways and offer superior off-road/rough terrain mobility with capacity up to 900 tons. Our all terrain cranes are often used for construction and repairs of wind energy systems, and mining jobs in remote areas.


If you have many lifting needs on one job site, we offer crawler cranes that move easily over unprepared job sites and swiftly complete lifting jobs with little to no set-up. Our crawler cranes allow us to provide cost savings for our clients because of their combined mobility and heavy lifting capabilities. They are especially efficient and economical in power plant constructions, oil and gas refineries and other construction projections.

We are happy to quote jobs in our extended service area, especially when requirements demand our industry expertise.