Here at BOSS Crane, our goal is to provide you with the safest, highest-quality crane and rigging services. 

Our decades of experience make us the go-to crane and rigging experts in the state of Texas and several other surrounding states. 

Our fleet of crane and rigging equipment, accessories, and machinery makes us an easy choice for all your large, complex, moving, and hauling needs. 

No matter what industry you are in, we are able to provide the services you need. We have worked with oil & gas, wind energy, and construction industries for many years and continue expanding our range of services and industries worked with every year. 

What makes us different is our fleet of equipment which have an average age of less than 4 years old, giving us the most advanced and high-quality machinery and tools available on the market.

Want to know more about the different types of rigging equipment and materials we offer at BOSS Crane? We’ve created a list below that showcases just some of the machinery that we utilize on a daily basis. 


Our fleet of cranes, trucks, and haulers are state-of-the-art tools that we take pride in being experts in working. Our trained and experienced crew understands how to operate this intricate machinery with safety as their number one priority. 

Carry Decks

Our low-profile Carry Decks are compact and easy to maneuver within tight spaces and small working environments. Its versatility makes it a great choice for both hauling and lifting. 

Hydraulic Truck Cranes

Our cranes are the key components to tackling any project large or small. From 8-Ton to 900-Ton our cranes are able to perform state-of-the-art configurations without the need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars purchasing one of your own. Because they are newer machines they reduce the costs associated with breakdowns, servicing, replacement, and more.

It’s not every day that you need a 900-ton crane, so let our crew handle the task of providing and running the equipment. 

All Terrain Cranes

Highway, dirt, or rough roads, nothing can stop our All Terrain Cranes from getting the job done. The adaptability and versatility of these cranes make it easy to go from driving on highways for transport to carrying heavy loads on rocky trails on the service site. 

Don’t let rough terrain keep you from getting your job done safely, efficiently, and on time. 

Crawler Cranes

Uneven or unprepared job site? It’s no problem for our crawler cranes. Crawler cranes can move swiftly and efficiently through a job site that requires a lot of lifting. They are great benefits for work being completed in the power plant field, construction sites, and oil and gas refineries. 

Rigging Accessories

No crane is complete without the proper tools and rigging accessories to go along with it. Every task is different and unique from the rest so making sure you have the right tools for the job will make it easier to complete in the safest way possible. 

We have a multitude of rigging accessories that allow us to lift and move with ease. These accessories include: 

  • Various spreader bars and lift beams
  • Slings in varying lengths up to 9-part braided
  • Gantts
  • Jacks and sliding equipment 

Want To Know More About Different Types Of Rigging Equipment? See BOSS Crane

Get the job done right the first time, every time with our fleet of rigging equipment, tools and accessories. Our team can support you on the job site every step of the way with our state-of-the-art machinery. 

We have enjoyed serving Texas for over 40 years and also serve those in Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. 

To learn more about our company and the services provided, browse our website and continue reading our articles like our most recent, 3 Reasons Why BOSS Crane Is An Expert At Oil Rig Moving In Texas.If you’re interested in partnering with us for an upcoming project, contact us today to get a quote