Not all cranes are the same. Sure their function is similar; they are meant to lift, hoist, rig, and move materials around a job site, but different cranes are needed for different environments and work areas. 

In our last article, What Is The Difference Between Hoisting And Lifting, we discussed a few different functions of a crane, as well as which cranes hoist and which lift. 

In today’s article, we are going to take a closer look at all-terrain cranes vs. crawler cranes. 

Again, while cranes do perform similar functions, the right crane is necessary to get the job done efficiently, safely and properly on a job site. 


Both all-terrain cranes and crawler cranes are designed to be taken into rough construction sites, but that’s about all the similarities there are. 

An all-terrain crane looks like what you would see in a Transformers movie and a crawler crane looks like the traditional crane. 

All-terrain cranes are “truck mounted” cranes and have tires while crawler cranes have caterpillar tracks that allow them to move from one side of the job site to the other. 


All-terrain cranes are able to maneuver into tight spaces due to the amount of wheels and driving capabilities. They can turn on a dime and move swiftly around the job site.  

Crawler cranes are able to carry immense amounts of weight and due to the caterpillar tracks, they can power over uneven terrain even more than an all-terrain crane.  They are slower and more bulky, but considered more stable due to the base and build of the machine. 

all terrain cranes vs. crawler cranes


This is where the biggest difference of all comes into play when discussing all-terrain cranes vs. crawler cranes. 

All-terrain cranes can be “transformed” in a sense to be packed away and move independently onto the highway in order to get to the next job site. Yes, you can drive this large crane (with the proper allowances and precautions) on a highway.

A crawler crane however, needs to be assembled and disassembled when needed to move to another place.  Due to its massive size and heavy components it takes a skilled team to disassemble, drive and reassemble the crane at another location  

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