Are you getting ready to take on a new project that involves the need for cranes and lifting equipment? 

As a business yourself you know how expensive purchasing equipment can be, especially if that equipment needs maintenance and upkeep to keep it in top working condition. 

Cranes and lifting accessories are no different and are sometimes the most expensive machinery on the job site. 

Many job sites can require specific cranes that you may not have on hand or have the funds to purchase on your own. You also need to consider the fact that if you do own this equipment you need to hire people to work that equipment! 

If you’re in need of a specific crane or rigging and lifting system for your upcoming project, don’t try and buy, instead, lease one from a professional crane and lifting company! 

It’s important to do your due diligence when leasing a crane from a company because you don’t want to end up with a less than quality machine, lackadaisical project management from the crane company and less than par standards for safety. 

To help avoid all of that, we’ve created a list of what to look for in a crane leasing company! 

Safety Is Priority

crane leasing company


The first and most important piece to look for in a crane leasing company is their dedication to safety

This means that each rig is inspected thoroughly for any issues, the team is trained and certified in the operation and site management of the machine and that overall safety of EVERYONE is number one priority. 

Ask for OSHA records, safety and training certifications and inspections of the rigs you’ll be leasing! 

If the company cannot easily provide you with that information, it would be best to steer clear of that company! 

You don’t want to be held accountable for any issues or incidents that arise due to the crane or crane operating crew on site. 


Owning a crane company isn’t a “get rich quick” business. It’s nothing to take lightly. You don’t just buy some equipment because you have the budget and start leasing them out! 

It takes time and experience to own and operate a crane leasing company. 

For example, here at BOSS Crane, we have a combined over 200 years of experience and have been serving Texas area businesses for decades. 

It’s no surprise that we are the leading crane and rigging company in the state and have been working with companies throughout various industries to ensure they get their jobs done safely, efficiently and on time! 


In our last article, all-terrain cranes vs. crawler cranes we discussed the major differences between the two pieces of heavy machinery. 

Choosing the right equipment for the job is absolutely essential to completing the task at hand. You wouldn’t use a hammer to drill in a screw, right? So you wouldn’t want to use the wrong crane or rigging equipment for your job either! 

We offer a massive selection of cranes and rigging equipment for our partners to lease. We are able to provide you with everything you need in one place which makes it beneficial for your business and project! 

Whether you need simple rigging gear or a 500-ton all-terrain crane, we’ve got it all! 

Interested In Learning More About What To Expect From A Crane Leasing Company? Contact BOSS Crane today! 

If you’re in need of a certified, experienced and dedicated crane leasing company in the Texas area, look no further than our team here at BOSS Crane and Rigging. 

We take pride in our dedication to safety and efficiency as well as being able to provide high quality machinery and experienced operators to help you get the job done right, each and every time! 

If you’re interested in leasing one of our rigs, contact us today to get a quote!