Within the construction industry, there are many highly technical jobs, and each job requires an individual with a certain skill set in order to perform their job safely and properly. A crane operator and a rigger perform two different roles, but both have to work together in order to get the job done. 

Depending on what part of Texas they work in, their jobs may look a little different, but the fundamentals will remain the same. 

Let’s take a look at one of the fun parts of crane and rigging in Texas — the machines.

Powerful Equipment

BOSS Crane and Rigging has some impressive machines in our inventory. We have high-end equipment with modern configurations that reduce costs associated with breakdowns.

Our heavy machine inventory includes: 

  • Carry Decks
  • Hydraulic Truck Cranes
  • All-Terrain Cranes
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Fork Lifts
  • Winch Trucks
  • Heavy Haul Trucks and Trailers

We also have rigging hardware for any job and we support all projects — no matter the extreme conditions, remote location, or heavy lift capabilities. When we say we are prepared to back any project, we really do mean it. Our industries are as varied as our landscapes.

Construction Booms In Austin And DFW

What does it mean to work in crane and rigging in Texas? Well for one thing, it means you’ll be busy!

Texas was first in the Southern region in 2021 with $114.13 billion in construction starts, a 7% increase from a year before. During the first four months of 2022, nonresidential activity in Dallas-Fort Worth rose 27% while in Austin, nonresidential activity rose 37%.

Everywhere you look in Texas there is construction: roadworks, new apartment buildings, new business hubs, and not to mention all the new homes from the influx of people that keep moving into the state. 

Transplants are moving to Texas for work and new opportunities. A few of the industries BOSS Crane supports are:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Wind energy

Between all these industries, crane and rigging in Texas will look a bit different between the Panhandle, Hill Country, and the coast. 

Crane and Rigging in Texas

The Gulf Coast

Near Houston, the PetroChemical industry takes center stage as Southeast Texas is home to the largest concentration of oil refineries and petrochemical plants in the United States. In fact, Houston accounts for over 42% of the nation’s base PetroChemical capacity and the Houston Ship Channel is recognized as the largest PetroChemical complex in the U.S. 

That’s a lot of lifting! Being a global leader, Houston needs a lot of cranes to mobilize all that freight between land and sea, not to mention rigging and lifting of plant parts and materials, and transportation needs. PetroChemical crane and rigging also requires a high level of safety and different safety certifications are often required. 

Panhandle And West Texas 

Texas is a windy state, and wind energy has become a more popular energy source in recent years. Texas leads the nation in the amount of wind energy it generates: accounting for 25% of the nation’s total wind energy. 

Crane and rigging in the Panhandle and west Texas involves wind farm construction, wind turbine maintenance, and the transportation and haul away of windmill components. 

Wind energy keeps us busy at BOSS Crane. New farms are being constructed in different parts of the state, but maintenance will always be an ongoing need with wind turbines. Damaged blades, burnt turbines, bearings, and gear boxes require cranes and rigging equipment to deconstruct and haul away damaged parts and to bring in replacements.

BOSS Crane Is Texas Proud 

We are proud to be serving Texas and the surrounding states with dedicated industry leadership. We aim to provide the highest quality of customer service and equipment to our partners with an emphasis on safety and integrity. 

If you have any questions about crane and rigging in Texas or working in Texas, give us a call! 

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