Overhead cranes are extremely useful pieces of equipment that are used across all industries. 

They are used for assembly, packaging, loading, lifting, transporting, and much more. 

Able to be used inside and outdoors, overhead cranes are efficient and essential when working with heavy objects. 

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What Is An Overhead Crane? 

An overhead crane is different from a crane you would typically think of. When you think of cranes you think of the wheeled machines with a long “arm” that lifts and moves items across a job site. 

Overhead cranes do similar tasks but look completely different. They have a trolley with hoisting and lifting equipment, and a bridge beam that runs across and attaches to the other end for full support. They look like a cube or flat-topped archway. They are used for lifting heavy loads in a multidirectional movement (up and down, back and forth). 

Their main purpose is to provide safety purposes and efficiency at a job site. With an overhead crane, you won’t have to manually lift or use other pieces of equipment to lift heavy objects and transport them. 

There are actually several types of overhead cranes that can be utilized on a job site and it all depends on the type of job needed to be done. 

Let’s take a look at a few types of overhead cranes and what they are used for. 

types of overhead cranes

Gantry Crane

A gantry is a type of movable framework with a lifting mechanism attached to it that turns it into a gantry crane. 

These are very versatile pieces of equipment and can come in many sizes. You may see one in your auto body shop holding up an engine for the mechanic to work on. 

They can be small and fit in a garage or large and be able to move entire shipping containers on rail yards! 

Jib Crane

Jib Cranes are shaped like an upside-down L. They are not mobile and stationed in one space via a support beam or attached to a building. 

Typically, jib cranes have an electric hoist and can be swung, or moved by hand. They are great for moving heavier objects short distances. However, it is important to note that they aren’t made to lift extremely heavy objects. 

They are used in factories, mines, and production facilities. 

Bridge Crane

Bridge cranes are mounted on either side of a building and form a “bridge” above the work floor. 

They are used to lift and move heavy objects left and right. The entire bridge can also be moved forward and backward throughout the whole building. 

This means that the objects lifted can be moved through the entire building. 

There are single-girder bridge cranes and double-girder bridge cranes that are able to lift immense amounts of weight. 

You’ll be able to find these overhead cranes in any industry as they are extremely efficient, and highly reliable, and allow for safe work to be done. 

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