If you are in the oil drilling business then you know how complex, extensive, heavy and large some of the pieces of the oil rig are.  

Oil rigs have now been designed to move from one place to another to save money on materials and leave less waste on the land when the job is complete at a specific site. 

So when you need to move an onshore oil rig, what do you do? 

Let’s talk about moving drilling rigs, why BOSS Crane is your obvious choice for the job and a few things you should know about the process. 

Moving Drilling Rigs Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Your team is experienced in running and operating an oil rig, but do they have the expertise and training to safely tear down and move it? 

Moving drilling rigs is not for the faint of heart and takes precision and planning to ensure each piece is protected and moved safely. If the job is not properly executed one mistake can cause serious injury or worse. 

Here at BOSS Crane safety is our NUMBER ONE priority. We have a team with over 80 years combined experience moving drilling rigs who can properly and SAFELY tear down, move and set up your onshore oil rig. 

Importance Of Using The Right Equipment

You can’t use just any old truck or lift or crane to move a drilling rig. You need the right equipment designed to move the heavy hauls from one place to another. Different types of rigging equipment, cranes and haulers exist for a reason and they each have their own specific functions and properties. 

Having the right equipment and enough equipment can cost upwards of millions of dollars for your company, to purchase, maintain and use. You then have the added job of hiring and training people to run the equipment. 

Let our team do the heavy lifting (literally) using our wide range of equipment and accessories specifically designed for moving drilling rigs and other heavy equipment and materials.  

moving drilling rigs

Rig Moving From Start To Finish Is A Complex Task

When you’ve completed your drilling at one job site, it’s time to start the oil rig moving process and haul the rig to another site. Even though they are made to be taken apart, it doesn’t mean the task should be handled with less than precision. 

From the moment you know it’s time to tear down and move the rig, you need a team of professionals to get the job done. 

For over 20 years we have successfully hauled hundreds of oil rigs for the premier drilling companies in our area. 

We offer complete rig moves as well as end-to-end project management and coordination to ensure everything is done on time and runs as smoothly as possible. 

Whether we’re moving drilling rigs 1 mile or 1,000 miles, we have the operational experience to coordinate it from beginning to end. 

Moving Drilling Rigs? Work With BOSS Crane

Don’t try and move your drilling rig without the right team to back you up. Allow BOSS Crane to handle moving your drilling rig from day one. 

We’ve got operators and equipment ready to go and an operations team ready to manage the job. We’ve been serving Texas drilling companies for decades and now serve Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana too!  

To learn more about our services we encourage you to read our helpful articles and browse our website. You can also call us today to get a quote in regards to our drilling rig moves and any other services we offer.