Longview, Texas (February 15, 2017) – Bennett On-Site Services, LLC, dba BOSS, also known as BOSS Crane & Rigging, is excited to announce that it now has a new safety brand – Safety is Priority One. Rolled out by BOSS’ parent company, Bennett International Group, LLC (BIG) across all of its companies, the new brand was created to reflect the Bennett Family’s strong “safety culture” that has always been in place.

Acting within our safety culture, Bennett companies are committed to make safety Priority One, where safe practices, security, environment and awareness shape our behavior every day.

“Having an official safety brand expresses the commitment we have always maintained at BOSS to maintain the highest standards of safety,” says BOSS President David Cowley. “It is a commitment to being willing to take actions when necessary and comply with all regulations to ensure the safety of our people, our customers and the general public.”

The purpose of the new brand is to reinforce to employees, drivers and contractors that they have an obligation to be safe, whether they spend their days in an office or operating a crane at a customer facility. All of BOSS’ employees have been asked to sign a pledge committing to make safety priority one in their professional lives at BOSS.

A heartfelt video of Bennett employees’ kids and grandkids expressing their views on safety was presented at the annual Bennett Symposium in January 2017 to introduce the new brand. View the video below.

From now on, a 3-tiered communications system will be applied to all safety-related communications across the Bennett enterprise to better communicate according to priority. A number of new safety practices have already been implemented to hold everyone accountable.

From email signature lines and templates to PowerPoint templates and Safety is Priority One logos, the new brand is being expressed throughout the company to keep the safety message front and center.

BOSS has always put safety first. Last year, the company was the recipient of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association’s (SC&RA) Safety and Zero Accidents awards. BOSS offers a strong training program, among the most experienced personnel in the industry and a behavior-based safety program.

“Our Safety is Priority One Brand is our way of making sure that everyone who interacts with us sees our commitment to safety,” Cowley says.

At BOSS, Safety is Priority One!