No job site is the same.  There are many different landscapes and terrains to maneuver around. When deciding what type of crane to use for your project, you may look into all-terrain cranes and specifically the Grove GMK7550 All-Terrain Crane.  

In our last article, we discussed the various types of rigging equipment that you might use on a job site to complete a job safely and efficiently.  Today we are going to talk about the advantages of using a 550-ton crane like the Grove GMK7550 All-Terrain Crane to help you and your crew work as efficiently as possible. 

What Is An All-Terrain Crane?

All-terrain cranes are specifically designed to handle all types of terrain effortlessly.  They are larger than most hydraulic truck cranes or crawler cranes and can move heavy loads easily across all landscapes.  

These types of cranes are powerful with the combined strength of the hydraulic truck cranes and the mobility and adaptability of rough terrain cranes.  

Essentially, they are ideal for all types of work environments and industries. 

They can be used for:

  • Pipeline installation
  • Cell phone tower construction
  • Lifting precast concrete building sections
  • HVAC work
  • Steel and wind turbine erecting

So what about the Grove GMK7550 Crane? What can that do compared to other all-terrain cranes? Let’s take a quick look at just 5 of the many advantages! 

Grove GMK7550 Crane

Grove boasts that their flagship crane is a beast.  This crane offers many features and elements that allow the name “beast” to hold up on its own against other high-ton cranes.  

This seven-axle, 550-ton capacity carrier that can go up to 53 mph will become one of your most requested heavy equipment vehicles on every job site due to its capabilities and features. 

One of those features is the exclusive MEGATRAK suspension system. 

MEGATRAK Suspension

This suspension system is the best off-road driveline system available on the market today.  It is because the suspension all-wheel steer system allows wheels to remain on the ground at all times so that the weight and stresses are not constantly transferred between the axles. This means that constant tire contact allows for equal tire wear all around the machine. 

The all-wheel steering system provides great mobility and maneuverability on the job site with a driveline that remains aligned at all times.  

Stowing Cab

Need to travel with the crane? Take it on the highway by using the crane stowing cab to take it on the road! It will swing out hydraulically on the right for operation when needed. 

TWIN-LOCK Boom Pinning System

The TWIN-LOCK Boom Pinning System comes standard in the GMK7550.  The standard TWIN-LOCK boom length is 230 feet, with the ability to stretch to 430 feet after attachments.  

The pinning mechanism automatically pins the sections in position using two horizontal pins, which means better stability and safety when stretching to the maximum lengths. 

Extra Axle

We mentioned above that this 550-ton crane has 7 axles.  Therefore, if you are in need of more controlled steering and maneuverability as well as load control, you have the ability to make this machine an 8-axle carrier. 

550 Ton Crane

State-Of-The-Art Control Console

The ECOS and EKS 5 are the gold standards in operating systems. The Electronic Crane Operating System (ECOS) enables and allows control of the entire crane’s principal operations. 

Put the focus solely on controlling and driving the lift itself by allowing simple lift planning programming to supply essential information to the operator. 

The EKS 5 can

  • Monitor lifting conditions of the crane at all times
  • Provide full graphic display
  • Monitor rear lighting
  • Provide visual of boom telescoping percentage
  • Provide Load charts

Want To Utilize This 550-Ton Crane On Your Next Job? – See BOSS Crane & Rigging

If you are interested in using this top-of-the-line all-terrain crane for your next project, let’s talk. Here at Boss Crane, we offer crane and lifting services to crews and companies in every industry. 

A few industries served include:

  • Construction
  • Wind energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Mining

We enjoy serving Texas and other companies in the midwest to provide high-quality services with safety and commitment as our top priorities. 

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