3 Key Advantages Of A Hydraulic Truck Crane

Take a truck crane, add a hydraulic system, and that equals one incredible piece of machinery. In this article we will examine the 3 key advantages of a hydraulic truck crane. 

First things first — how exactly does a hydraulic system enhance a truck crane? 

A hydraulic system is physics having playtime. In this case, for a hydraulic truck crane, the fluid is oil. The pump pushes the fluid through the system and creates pressure. This pressure, or force, then converts into extra energy and therefore, generates more power that can be used at the output. 

Sheer Power

The hydraulic truck crane is a powerful machine. The pressurized fluid from the hydraulic system gives the crane a power boost that allows it to move heavy materials such as drilling rigs, concrete slabs, and HVAC units — all with the easy push of a gearshift. 

As hydraulic truck cranes can generate great amounts of power, the boom can maneuver heavy loads, without the need for pulleys and gears. This allows hydraulic truck cranes to be more nimble than conventional cranes, and easier to maintain. 

Additionally, these truck cranes are what we call big power in a small package. A hydraulic system in a truck crane allows for this smaller machine to have a disproportionate output of power. The density of power that a hydraulic system can produce is many times greater than the force inputted. The smaller size of hydraulic truck cranes allows for them to get into spaces other conventional cranes cannot access. 

Hydraulic Truck Crane

Designed For Tight Spaces

Hydraulic truck cranes were purposely designed for tight spaces. The very first hydraulic truck crane was built in 1946 during World War II. The US Navy had a need for a machine capable of moving military weapons, ammunition, equipment, and stores in limited spaces, and the hydraulic truck crane was the answer. 

Needless to say, it was a hit. These cranes continue to be produced and improvements have been made as technology advances. 

Aside from working on a ship or at a port, a hydraulic truck crane is especially helpful in other tight spots and can get into places where there just isn’t the room to transport a conventional crane, like on roadsides and bridges. 


Hydraulic truck cranes can maneuver. The hydraulic system in the truck crane allows for nimble boom movement. Vertically speaking, this crane has some serious reach.

There is more mobility with this particular crane that works well in smaller spaces, and generally speaking, can handle both on and off-road situations. Many truck cranes are classified as an all-terrain crane, meaning it can be used on sand, asphalt, gravel, or dirt. 

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